We are specialists in the extractive and energy sectors, working principally in oil, gas and mining.

Hart Group provides specialist consultancy expertise to the oil and gas and mining sectors:

  • Assurance and system audits;
  • Project and Corporate Governance;
  • Value for Money analysis;
  • Contract & Financial dispute resolution;
  • Training and development consultancy;
  • Community impact and social license to operate
  • Policy development
  • Restructuring
  • Public Information

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Our work is generally for governments, either directly, in a principal contractor & management role or indirectly, supplying our specialist experience and expertise as a member of a team.

Hart Group’s was founded in 1988 by Chris Nurse. It has become established as a leading practitioner in the natural resources sector, specialising in oil and gas.

Hart Group is managed from the United Kingdom and assembles bespoke consulting teams for each assignment.

Hart Group comprises:

Hart Resources Ltd

Oxford XXI

Temple Smith Hart LLP, Chartered Accountants (regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)

Hart Group is a network organization; we have a permanent core team and wide-reaching network of specialists, experts in their fields, who share our philosophy and are ready to bring their experience to bear on specific situations of concern to our clients.