Oil and Gas Advisory

Advisory services centre on strategic enterprise development and are implemented through advice on systems, management training and human resources development. Services offered to state-owned business include:

  • Process audit services
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Financial control
  • Management and efficiency audit
  • Financial analysis
  • Management information systems
  • Project appraisal and project management
  • Transparency in the extractive sector
  • Cost reduction and management

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Hart Group prepared reports pursuant to the Extractive Sector Transparently Initiative (EITI) in several countries, including Yemen, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon.

In Nigeria, Hart Group led the implementation of the pioneering first NEITI audits with financial, process and physical components, working with the multi-stakeholder group of government, companies and civil society to take a significant forward step in publishing information about the oil and gas sector.

Hart Group provided certain pro bono assistance and small-scale advisory activities to the international EITI secretariat in the development of the design of EITI.

In preparation for the implementation of EITI, Hart Group personnel supported Armenia to review its extractive sector governance processes, legislation, reporting and licensing and reported on enhancements required to comply with the EITI standard.

Hart Group conducted several validations of compliance by implementing countries of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). Validations were conducted in Gabon, Kazakhstan, Albania and Equatorial Guinea.

Hart Group was the main contractor for a process audit of the oil and gas sector of Nigeria, contracted to the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. The project was wide-ranging in terms of function  but focussed on government relations with the sector operators, principally in terms of information flows, financial flows, reporting mechanisms, decision-making processes (including the established forums for joint venture management, project management, expenditure approval)  and methodologies for evaluating the financial impact on government of actions taken by the state oil company and the operators.

The project included the process for setting selling prices of crude oil and contracting with lifters, the government’s systems for monitoring and verifying financial flows to the government in terms of royalty and taxation.

It included the preparation of a hydrocarbon mass balance for the upstream sector, including measurement technologies and a hydrocarbon mass balance for the importation of refined product, including the estimation of transmission and distribution losses.

Links to the University of Oxford department of engineering provide a world-class consultancy resource on methodologies and technologies for flow measurement and expertise on metering of mixed fluids.

Hart Group led a project for the preparation of the first national hydrocarbon mass balance of refined products in Nigeria.

Hart Group advised on the design and implementation of systems for routine monitoring of a pipeline system of hydrocarbon distribution, aimed at quantifying the cost and loss of income associated with pipeline disruption.

Several projects have been completed appraising governance processes:

In Jordan, hart group personnel were seconded to CMA Ltd to support a review of the institutional arrangements for licensing the oil sector and, separately, the mining sector, leading to recommendations for restructuring and regulatory improvements, aimed at improving the attractiveness of Jordan as an exploration and development situs.

In Nigeria, hart group supported SS Afemikhe Consulting in a review of project governance in a PSC context to ascertain factors contributing to delays and cost over-runs on a sub-sea development.

In Nigeria, hart group supported SS Afemikhe Consulting in a review of compliance by parties to a Joint Operating Agreement in order to determine a basis for dispute resolution in relation to a gas processing development.

Jointly with Siddall & Co Ltd and SS Afemikhe & Co, Hart Group undertook a Value for Money study of upstream oil joint ventures in Nigeria.

Hart Group provided support to SS Afemikhe Consulting Ltd in undertaking a governance review of the operation of a PSC.

Hart Group supported a Value for Money audit of a midstream joint venture in the gas processing sector.

Hart Group undertook a review of exploration and development drilling costs incurred over a 6-year period to assess whether operators had adopted good industry practice including appropriate control systems.

Hart Group benchmarked countries against compliance with the published EITI guidance.

In Azerbaijan, training was provided to civil society and a training organisation that provided services to the oil and gas sector.

Hart Group provided training to multi-stakeholder groups embarking on engagement with the extractive sector aimed at familiarising them with oil and gas sector practices. Hart Group contributed to a pioneering manual for civil society groups regarding legislative and taxation issues in the sector.

Hart Group personnel were engaged by a project in Jordan to design and implement a range of processes aimed at safeguarding a social license to operate for an integrated mining and oil production venture.

Collaboration with subject-matter specialists led to the implementation of a system for community application for small project support and formalised selection criteria balancing various interest groups.

Hart Group provided support to resolve a dispute between Joint Venture partners in a gas development regarding shared costs.

Hart Group advised Joint Venture parties on a methodology for setting tolls for gas processing, facilitating the clearance of a multi-year payments backlog.

Hart Group supported an accountancy firm in advising on international practices in relation to price escalation clauses in gas sale and purchase agreements.